Ugandan Knuckles Wiki

The obvious

A mix of Ugandan Knuckles and Ray the alternate version of Da Wey means they have Da Wey but they edit it a bit he lives in Asia

Australian Shadow

australian shadow and Asian Ray are good friends


one day Asian ray asked why only the 3rd variation of Ugandan Chungus is the only ugandan chungus on the team and the Australian sonic said cuz they are and we don’t need more chungus. (So they are not good friends)

Ugandan Pucca

when Asian ray asked why there are more than one ugandan he got the answer “we don’t care about the name we care about where they live so like the 3rd variation of Ugandan Chungus Represents Chungus Heaven but for the Ugandan Pucca they are friends


funtime is how the team talks Funtime Uganda is a world in VRChat