Ugandan Knuckles Wiki

a place where Australian Shadow And Australian sonic live the Australian sonic live all around this place however the Australian Shadow Mostly live in a place called 4th wall also This place is based off of Australia.feel free to edit (unless you going to mess It up)

Justice System

The main laws in Australia that all residants must follow:

1. All fellow Sonics must respect each other.

2. Don't be rude to other players.


4. Let the Australian spirit burn bright, mate.

Breaking any of these Laws will result in a 2000 dollar fine and you will be labled as a "Fukin Bloody Dingo" for 1 month.

Laws of the Outback

(The link to their Discord has been censored for security reasons. If you wanna know the link to their Discord, just go to Australia in VRChat and see for yourself)