Ugandan Knuckles Wiki

The original picture

He is a mix of Ugandan Knuckles and Shadow

Australian sonic

the Australian shadows Think that the Australian Sonics are weak and think that they wouldn’t stand a chance in a fight with him and wants them to train more Incase they ever get in a big battle they clams to be doing most of the work despite this they get along grate with them and they often team up

Swedish Eggman

unlike most of Swedish Eggman meetings eggman had a friendly Approach To Australian Shadow as eggman needed a partner but Australian shadow remembered all his friends that eggman Attacked and the shadows got violent and told Australian Sonic about the eggman invation and from then on the shadows hated eggman there was a time where Australian shadow and his friends had a war with Viking Eggman due to Viking Eggman trying to steal a Black Emerald.


In the Concept art He has a spider and glasses and is slightly shorter than a normal Ugandan Knuckles he seems to like beer however in the final version he has different Shoes And has a gun he seems to have all quills his quills sticking up except one instead of the concept are having no quills

ugandan knuckles

Ugandan Knuckles And Australian Shadow are not on the best turms why they act nice when Australian Sonic is around when he’s not the Australian Shadows and Ugandan Knuckles insault eatchouth most often by calling etchother names like dumb and edgy

Scottish tails

Scottish tails and Australian Shadow relationship is complicated at sometimes they are enemies and hate each other and some times they are on good Terms With each other but most often they are just teammates in the Team Country however due to some complications some wars have happened between them

Coober Pedy

After some complications with the Australian Sonics the shadows had to move out of this place called 4th wall but desided to move into Coober Pedy because of the opal mines and there obsessions for shiny things they turned it into a small town and made a treaty with the Sonics that say the shadows now own most of the opel mines and over half of Coober Pedy itself they also set up trade stores where people can go to triad other shiny Materials like gold for opal however not all of them live there and instead live in places near crowded bars or small shouting ranges


Australian shadow knows about shadow the hedgehog and thinks he is cool and has a legend that he is a hero that will save them from a atack that can destroy the world by Ugandan Ivos and the Eggman Empire

Australian Shadic

Shadic the Hedgehog australian shadic is when Australian sonic and australian shadow combine there powers in front of a special tree but only when the tree is dead baecause the brnches leak some machical powder that the leaves stop from spreading it is located in kangaroo island inthough it will only last as long as he has both dark and light energy due to kangaroo island being a light giver it will try to get rid of the dark energy and replace it with light energy making it hard to keep in that form.

Motorcycle and gun

Australian Shadows use motorsysles often and is there main way to get around they often hold races with them and sometimes just drive around just for fun and Australian Shadow also uses guns when people try to steal opal and sometimes use them in shooting ranges they made up out of random items they also have a sport where they drink some beer and shoot in a shootin range and the first to get 3 strait in the middle wins because of this people often call them to loud

Chinese Rouge

one Day when Chines Rouge was exploring Australia they met Australian Shadow who at first did not know if they should trust this new person eventually became best friends with this new tribe treating a memebers as if it was one of there own often helping each other in war two of the higher ups got so close that they are basically in a relationship although he won’t admit it Australian Sonics often tease him about this