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Emperor Babakumbee

Babakumbee is the Emperor of Uganda and the leader of Ebola 2.0

He is both loved and feared by many. Babakumbe treats his tribe like family but if anyone dares to talk back he will not hesitate to put them in their place. With a full armor set of Gold and a Crown fit for a king. Babakumbe has left his mark as the best and most savage Emperor Uganda has ever known.


Babakumbee's current look is a brown Knuckles with a royal set of solid gold armor that he wears proudly. Other than that, he looks like an average Ugandan Knuckles.

Babakumbee is not a Brown Knuckles however his skin and fur color are the indeed brown, which may cause people to believe he is.

Babakumbee wasn't always brown or owned Gold armor. His original appearance that he made his debut into the Knuckles community was a normal Red Knuckles who wore a Large regal crown and a big flowing cape that had the Ugandan Flag painted on the back of it.

At that time Babakumbee also carried with him a heavily modified Pistol. The gun had large Gold barrels with jewels embedded into it.

Babakumbee's original design

As of now Babakumbee does not carry the gun with him, however he still owns it and would not be afraid to use it.


Babakumbee has a really hardened and stern personality that could sometimes come across as mean.

Babakumbee is known for putting people in their place with just his words alone. This man could have you down on the floor in tears with his savage roasts. His pure anger by itself is enough to make people afraid.

Despite having a hard as nails attitude, Babakumbee is also prone to having a kind side. Babakumbee cares for his people and treats them like family.

He is also not naturally angry, if you show him respect he will show you respect back.

Other notes

  • Babakumbee has ruled over the Ugandan Empire for many years, but has put the High Commander PrinceDUFF in charge while he is away.
  • Babakumbee said that he has to travel to an undisclosed part of the world alone. Babakumbee has not been seen or even heard from for years. However he said before he left that he would one day return.
  • Babakumbee is sometimes spelled with 1 E. 'Babakumbe' but the real spelling of his name has an extra E at the end.
  • Babakumbee Used to have a giant statue of himself in Toxic Uganda but his and all the other statues were taken down and rebuilt as smaller figures in the Temple of Da Deval due to inconvenient location placement.