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Uganda daisy friend Uganda daisy friend 22 June 2020

How the comics are going

It’s finally done and here if you read the the page about the comics you would know the we finished the comic the was supposed to lead into season 2 before we finished season 1 it was long and hard but it is here so here some info about the progress as you guys know there was a traitor he was working on the comics about the queen and after he messed up are pages I took over the queen story and I had a cross over with the uglanda comics shadow had to stop cussing in his comics so much the uglanda comics are full of references to games and memes like shadow has a pet Eevee I (Uglandan daisy) make refreshing to the first ever sonic movies (the one where Sonics voice it high pitch) but any way we are on to making season 2 of uglanda and start…

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Pikazilla Pikazilla 2 September 2019

Ugandan Knuckles Death Battle Bio

Ugandan Knuckles is an internet meme created by Gregzilla and popularized by the game VR Chat.

  • 1 Description
  • 2 Weapons
  • 3 Unique Individuals
    • 3.1 Queen Knanna Knamui
  • 4 Hofugir the Edgelord
  • 5 Other Variations

Not much is known about this Ugandan tribe of pygmy echidnas except for their unending desire to find 'da wae'. The nomadic Stone-Age tribe travel across the multiverse of VR Chat and asks strangers 'do you know da wae?' It is unknown what 'da wae' is; as the tribe never explains their motives, even when asked. Some believe that 'da wae' is the path to enlightenment or they are looking for their home or queen. The tribes sometimes declare war on those oblivious to 'da wae'.

  • Tribal Calls
    • Although the Ugandan Knuckles speak English (with a heavy Ugandan …

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