Ugandan Knuckles Wiki

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Blue Knuckles also known as the Blues or Ugandan Sonics, once equaled in number to the Red populatuon of Ugandan Knuckles, but have since become the slightly less common of the two. Knuckles turn blue or red by eating tide pods.


The Red and Blue Knuckles were once at war with each other. Despite the Reds' access to British weaponry, they were able to make up for it with their more appropriate use of their Smackle troops. Their leader was killed by Commander Gaztons at the Battle of the Ebola River, greatly weakening their war effort. The Red and Blue Knuckles ultimately made peace and the Blue Knuckles were absorbed back into society.

Australian sonic

With a striking resemblance to each other, so blue knuckles Thought the Australian sonic were and started to treat them like they were each other the Australian sonic did not like how blue knuckles treated each other with fury the Australian sonic started a fight until Swedish Eggman invaded and blue knuckles and Australian sonic teamed up to win Against The eggman

Red and blue?!?!? ???

The most common blue knuckles found in vrchat