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Bubbles (Knuckles)

Bubbles (Knuckle)

Bubbles is a Knuckles with super powers. She is a member of the EbolaPuff Girls. She is known as the joy and the laughter of the group.


Bubbles is a female Knuckles that bears distinct visual resemblance to Bubbles from the cartoon TV show The Powerpuff Girls.

She has a larger head than normal Knuckles, a blue shirt with a black stripe going around the middle, Blue eyes, Yellow fur, long white leggings, hairless arms, and two big Pigtails on each side of her head.


Bubbles is a Ugandan warrior with various superhuman and elemental abilities, thanks to the Ebola X.

She has been hired by Da Queen along with her sisters to be the protectors of Uganda, and to help the Ugandan Army fight off the non-believers.

Heroic Feats

Fight Against Mojo Knuckles

Bubbles helped her sisters Buttercup and Blossom fight against the evil Mojo Knuckles when he tried to take over Uganda with his robot army. in which they were victorious.

Loli Police attack

Bubbles helped her sisters Blossom and Buttercup defeat the Loli Police when they tried invading Uganda. Her skin is bullet proof, making the guns that the Loli Police had equipped useless.

Other information

Bubbles would rather have peace and love instead of violence and hatred. Even though she sometimes assists the other Knuckles in raids and trying to show people "the way."

Bubbles, is great friends with the Marching Kittens, She was even given permission to participate in a marching band once.

Bubbles has been known to try to befriend everyone, acting as friendly as possible tword people, even those who are enemies to the Ugandan Knuckles. Although, she does have her limits, Once she was ganged up on by the Knights Against Uganda and they harassed her and the other Knuckles she was with to the point where she lost her temper and obliterated each of the Knights and demolished their home base out of sheer rage. The Knights Against Uganda were inactive for a long period of time afterward so they could heal their broken bones and rebuild the ruins of their castle Headquarters.

Bubbles' encounter with the Ascended Knuckles.

She has had encounters with Knuckles Ultimus in the past where he provided her with very wise advice and wisdom. She also is on very good terms with the Ascended Knuckles. They see Bubbles as a wonderful gem of the Ugandan past.