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Buttercup (Knuckles)

Buttercup is a Knuckles with super powers. She is a member of the EbolaPuff Girls. She is the toughest fighter of the group.


Buttercup is a female Knuckles that bears distinct visual resemblance to Buttercup from the cartoon TV show The Powerpuff Girls.

She has a larger head than normal Knuckles, a green shirt with a black stripe going around the middle, green eyes, black fur, long white leggings, hairless arms, and her hair ends in a flip on the back of her head.

Buttercup also appears to be a Smackles, while her sisters Blossom, and Bubbles more closely resemble the form of a regular Knuckles.


Buttercup is a Ugandan warrior with various superhuman and elemental abilities, thanks to the Ebola X.

She has been hired by Da Queen along with her sisters to be the protectors of Uganda, and to help the Ugandan Army fight off the non-believers.

Heroic Feats

Fight Against Mojo Knuckles

Buttercup helped her sisters Bubbles and Blossom fight against the evil Mojo Knuckles when he tried to take over Uganda with his robot army. in which they were victorious.

Loli Police attack

Buttercup helped her sisters Blossom and Bubbles defeat the Loli Police when they tried invading Uganda. Her skin is bullet proof, making the guns that the Loli Police had equipped useless.

Penguin Assault

One day Buttercup came across a couple members of the Penguin Mafia, They were harassing a lone Knuckles. Buttercup immediately took the opportunity to break some beaks. She stepped in to protect the lone Knuckles and fended the Penguins off. The Knuckles was very thankful and even told buttercup that she was his Queen.

Other Information

Buttercup is a really short tempered girl. She loves to punch and wreck stuff for fun. She has a tomboy-ish personality. She is one of the few Knuckles in Uganda that thinks Spitting on the enemy is dumb and would prefer to puch the enemy instead.

She loves to Raid with the rest of the Ugandan Population, not for the soul purpose of finding "Da Wey" (even though that is a high priority of hers, and would do anything to find the way) She mostly loves joining raids just for the chaos.