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Castro is the High Priest of Da Deval. He is said to make deals with Da Deval in order to make good harvests of coconut for Uganda. He has worshiped Da Deval all his life and is shall be committed for all of eternity. Castro being the high priest also can have bruddas marry to many queens and lady's across all of Vrchat. But, the bride must say an oath to practice The Wae of Da Deval until she dies. If the bride does not follow this oath, she gives birth to many Ugandan demons from Nightmare Uganda and dies in the process. If the bride follows through with the oath, she can live in eternal happiness in hell with her husband.


Castro Is a green knuckles with a purple Rinnegan being on his right eye and a red Sharingan on his left. He has "The Way" written on his stomach as a symbol of him following the Wae of Da Deval. He has all green shoes with yellow stripes on the side. This is signifyingly rare as most Knuckles have red, green, and yellow shoes.


Castro was a regular red Smackles before he transformed into the blessed priest. He was the first ever to say "Do You Know Da Wae?" and was the second to meet Da Deval. Before he met Da Deval he was traveling with his bruddas Gaztons, D1rty, and Fredsoldaten. When he was traveling they all tried to summon Da Deval but failed the first couple times. When they attempted to Summon Da Deval a fourth time this time with blood of nonbelievers instead of a goat, they succeeded. Da Deval each talked to them separately telling them to spread the word of De Wae of Da Deval. For This conquest of spreading De Wae, they each was gifted Powas from Da Deval so they could fight off nonbelievers. During their journeys more and more bruddas came to join them. Once the journeys had ended, Gaztons got married to Da Queen. After the wedding Castro went missing and never returned to Vrchat. Some say that Castro joined Da Deval in Hell, and is watching over uganda.


Castro has the ability to curse his opponents for all of their life. Giving them bad luck and misfortune all of their lives. He has the Power of the Rinnegan and the Sharingan as well. He knows the wae of kung fu and martial arts as well. He can also make rituals that Da Deval has taught him how to do. Some of these rituals can turn some bruddas into Vaporway Knuckles.