Chinese Knuckles

The Chinese Knuckles are a new species of Knuckles that live in all parts of China.

They are very different from the Ugandan Knuckles, as they do not behave in the same ways. The Chinese Knuckles don't want to find "Da Wea" or look for a queen, they just want to sell eggrolls to people.

Also unlike the Ugandan Knuckles, they do not speak with a tribal accent, they speak with a stereotypical Asian accent that is very similar to that of Tuong Lu Kim, the City Wok resturant owner from South Park.

However, like the Ugandans, they travel in large groups and can act very agressivly if people don't want to buy their eggrolls. often trying to pressure people to make them buy an eggroll. If someone refuses to buy an eggroll, the group will begin chasing them down and yelling at them to buy an eggroll.

They all claim to be black belt level in Kung Fu and they all have a Samurai Sword equiped with them that they can pull out to use as a weapon.


The Chinese Knuckles are light yellow with a blue chinese styled outfit on and a coolie hat. Their limbs are lengthier that the Ugandans and their eyes are always squinting. They have black shoes.

The strangest feature about the Chinese Knuckles is that when they talk their face stretches, twists, skews, and reshapes in the most abnormal ways. 



Video of Chinese Knuckles raid

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