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Chungus Queen

The Chungus Queen is the Queen of the 3rd variation of Ugandan Chungus

Unlike the Ugandan Knuckles Queen, She isn't quite as largely praised by the other Uchungans, but she is still second highest authority, next to the Chungus Commander.

That being said, she will follow the word of the Commander, as a normal Ugandan Chungus will. However, she is still a much higher authority than the other Chunguses.


She is a 3rd variation Ugandan Chungus with pink fur, the hair of Kanna Kamui, She wears a silver crown, and is about the same size as the Chungus Commander, whom is smaller than an average Ugandan Chungus.


She is very kind, and respectful. She sees the Ugandan Chunguses as her family, regardless of which variation of Chugandan they are. She Also treats the Ugandan Knuckles with great respect and is on very good terms with Da Queen.

Despite being kind, respectful, loving, and a real role model. She also has a fighting spirit. She likes to help the Ugandan Chunguses fight in battles and has even helped in the attacks of various places on earth along side the Commander.

Other Info

She has fought in the Chugandan army with the Chungus Commander's army during the attack on the small Japanese City. It is known that she has also discouraged a VRChat player who was being extremely rude and harrassing the Knuckles, She got in his face and yelled at the player aggressively until he was forced to back down and leave while pathetically whining about how he thinks "this game is trash"

She is responsible for creating more Ugandan Chunguses, Via mating with the Chungus Commander... and we all know how many babies a rabbit can make.