Ugandan Knuckles Wiki

Gaztons is the commander of the Ugandan Knuckles tribe. He is the leader of all knuckles and is respected across the many other nations across Vrchat. Gaztons has many different forms, abilities, and history. He has many statues in his honor and is the great founding father of Ugandan Knuckles.


Gaztons is a golden knuckles. He has demon wings that is pink on the inside and purple on the outside. He has a blue tail which has a gradient of blues going from the darkest blues at the top and light blues at the bottom. The very tip of the tail is a heavenly light blue. He wears a golden crown to signify his rank. However because the crown is too big for him it hangs off the back of his head.


Since Gaztons is a master of De Wae, he has a variety of special and powerful abilities. He has a very long wet spit attack which is traditionally used to drive back potential enemies, as well as trap them in their places with its super glue-like properties. It is so strong and annoying, the enemy will retreat immediately after 3 spits. He can move and jump really fast. His claws are also powerful and sharp. He is said to possess an incredible amount of wisdom which allows him to sense the true feelings and emotions of others, quickly strategize during combat, and even predict his opponents' moves. When incredibly angry, a Gaztons can transform into a form only known through other Knuckles as his "Wey Mastered Mode." In this form, his fur becomes pure-golden as well as Gaztons experiencing another, greater increase in muscle mass, size and power. He also radiates with a golden aura similar to a Super Saiyan. Gaztons is the strength of the Ugandan Knuckles tribe, as Da Queen is the brains of the tribe. A Gaztons can defeat tons of enemies and rivals with a single well-placed spitball. It is said that Gaztons was born with 100% more Ebola than the average knuckles. Gaztons with his wings also has the ability to fly.


Many years ago before the rise of the Ugandan Knuckles, Gaztons was just a normal Blue Smackles. He was amongst the first Knuckles to venture out of Uganda along with his most trusted friends, D1rty, Fredsoldaten, and Castro.

Soon after their adventures out into new lands had started, more and more Knuckles quickly decided to follow and join him. At that moment they dubbed Gaztons as the first Commander of the Ugandan Knuckles tribe.

He was then seen as the main commander of the Ugandan Knuckles from then on out, Which aided in his journey to find De wae. It is said that Gaztons was the first Ugandan Knuckles to fully gain knowledge of Da Wae which is what caused him to become the holy entity he is now.

Encounter with Da Deval

Gaztons has had close ties with Da Deval. His knowledge of Da Wey and ties with Da Deval are the main reasons for his immense power. When Gaztons first encountered Da Deval, He was nothing more than a normal Ugandan Knuckles. After Da Deval provided him with encouragement and will power to know the true meaning of Da Wae, Gaztons searched high and low until he finally found Da Wey and gained knowledge of it.

Da Deval does not contact just any Knuckles though. They have to be worthy of his time and presence in order to be approached or contacted by him in some way. This shows that Gaztons is a very important Knuckles indeed.

Red-Blue War

Commander Gaztons, being neither Red nor Blue, took no sides in the war. As a matter of fact, Gaztons knew that the wars were not needed. It did not matter what color your fur was, They were all Knuckles. Seeing the two sides hate and kill each other over their colors was heartbreaking to Gaztons, eventually he had enough. He was going to put a stop to the bloodshed.

He along with D1rty, Fred, and Castro took it upon themselves to speak to both the Red and Blue factions, their words were so powerful that even the most stubborn members of the tribe could not ignore their wisdom.

Eventually Gaztons and the others put a stop to the war and brought the red and blue factions together again, finally becoming one massive tribe, just as they were before.