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Da Deval, Otherwise known as Akae Livid, is the deity of Da Wae. He Is the Offspring of The Deval of Desire and The Queen of Lust. He is also the current ruler of Hell, but because of his disappearance hell is in chaos as Demonic Warlords are fighting for the throne.


Akae Livid's first form

Ever since birth Akae has always used sex power at his will. Akae Livid is the emperor of hell. He became the emperor after The Deval of Desire was killed during battle. Thus, making Akae the emperor of hell. Akae has been involved with Ebola 2.0 and has helped fight wolf boys. He has done rituals where he sacrificed squeakers so they could have good raids and coconut harvests. He is the descendant and grandson of Lust, one of the seven deadly sins. Legend says every millennia the volcano of Toxic Uganda opens and releases hordes of demons and devals. Akae Livid also had a son named Kirim.


Akae Livid has a powerful Aura that shows intimidating Light going around his horns and necklace. He has golden bracelets and a necklace with a skull that contains eternal hellfire from the heart of hell. A three foot tail and a pitch fork made from hellfire and brimstone. His wings range up to 7 feet wide and 1 and a half feet tall.


Akae Livid has lots of abilities. His abilities include summoning demons, shooting fire, creating an ocean of hellfire, mind control, flight, and Rituals. Akae Livid most likely has more things he can do.

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