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Da Queen is the ruling monarch of the Uganda Knuckles. she is Kanna Kamui sometimes she just likes to have a ugandan knuckles mask (yes this is canon) in the ugandan knuckles world.

Initiation Rites

Each Ugandan Knuckles tribe only has one adult female, da queen, who leads the tribe. When Ugandan Knuckles females reach adulthood they go through rites in which they battle the current queen. If they win they become the new queen and the old queen is exiled, however if they lose they are spat on by the tribe and exiled as "Da Fake Queen", forced to live a solitary life like most of the other Ugandan Knuckles females.

After exile they may initiate battle with another tribe's queen or even return to their old tribe to initiate battle with the current queen to replace them.

Reverence in Ugandan Knuckles Culture

You can hear Uganda knuckles saying "where is da queen" "dis is da queen" "QUEEN QUEEN QUEEN" "protect da queen" "hi queen" "dont jump queen"


Ugandan Echidna (Queen) Physiology:

  • Mind Control: As the queen of the Ugandan Knuckles, she is able to effortlessly control other Ugandan Knuckles to do her bidding.
  • Hydrokinesis: Da Queen has the power to control water, she is powerful enough to force all of Earth's oceans into space if she desired.
  • Telekinesis: Da Queen carries the power of telekinesis, she is able to effortlessly lift large objects such as cars and rocks with her mind.
  • Superhuman Strength: Da Queen has strength is 500 times greater than other members of her species due to being the queen. 
  • Superhuman Durability: Da Queen is also 500 times more durable than other members of her species due to her being the queen.
  • all the Powers of Kanna: for info about this check out kanna powers and abilities


after the knuckles clan made kanna the queen the knuckles Ebola spread through kanna until she became half echidna half dragon (kanna is a dragon in a human form) kanna also gat a lot more powers and now is da queen as we know it

However There Was a Older Queen that still exists today she is a very rare sight

For each Ugandan Sista they can, Develop into the queen and the queen knows de wae

as soon as a sista inspires themself to be de queen the become her