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Ebola 2.0

Ebola 2.0 is a group of Knuckles that are dedicated to keeping the Uganda spirit burning bright until the end of time.

They even have their own official Youtube Channel.


Their current leader is a strong Knuckles by the name of PrinceDUFF also known as "De High CommanDUH!"

While PrinceDUFF is the Commander of Ebola 2.0, the true ruler of this group is a very Powerful and fearsome Knuckles named Babakumbe.

Babakumbe is the Emperor of Uganda. His Authority goes even higher than that of Gaztons'.

At this current point in time, Gaztons is also a member of Ebola 2.0.


The owner of the Ebola 2.0 Youtube Channel is a Knuckles named Tys.

Tys has a job as a safari explorer and it was Tys who first discovered the Sooga Islands and the Ugandan Pucca species entirely.

Tys is also a well known Mafia Boss. Whenever he's not exploring the world as a Safari adventurer, He is showing the world how Mafia works.

Types of Knuckles


Ebola 2 Introduction A

The first introduction video of the many members of Ebola 2.0. There are more videos that introduce even MORE members on the youtube channel.

Ebola 2.0 consists mostly of Ugandan Knuckles. However this group also consists of Bruddas and Sistahs from all around the world, it's not just limited to Knuckles from Uganda.