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Ebola Cola Smackles

The Ebola Cola Smackles is a rare type of Smackles that has the same traits and abilities as the Ebola Cola Knuckles.

While the Ebola Cola Knuckles are their own species, the Ebola Cola Smackles is still a Smackles.


The Ebola Cola Smackles looks almost identacle to a normal Smackles except it has the same Ebola logo that the Ebola Cola Knuckles have on their Chest and Forehead.

They too are almost always holding a can of Ebola Cola.

One odd difference is that Unlike the Ebola Cola Knuckles, the Ebola Cola Smackles doesn't seem to have fur, instead their skin seams to be made of aluminum, or more likely a strange material that is similar to aluminum.

As you can see, their skin is quite shiny because of it's metallic texture.

Powers and Abilities

They mostly have the same powers as an Ebola Cola Knuckles except much less powerful.

The Ebola Cola cans they spray out of their face are very tiny and dont fly out at a very high velocity.

however a new unique ability that the Ebola Cola Smackles has that a Ebola Cola Knuckles doesn't is the ability to fly with it's Ebola Cola Can just like a Witch on a Broomstick. How they are able to do this is currently unknown.


one of the only Clear Images taken of an Ebola Cola Smackles in the wild.

The Ebola Cola Smackles are very rare. Not very many have been recorded in the wild, and it is very seldom that you will see one. Recent studies show that the best chances you have of finding a Ebola Cola Smackles is to search around the Island that the Ugandan Mafia Bar is located in Toxic Uganda. As that is where the most sightings have been documented, but it's not guaranteed you will find one.

Some people say that if you see an Ebola Cola Smackles it means good luck. but of course that's all just superstition.