Ugandan Knuckles Wiki

Fredsoldaten is known as the creator of Uganda on VRChat, which was created to unite all Ugandans until his leave due to IRL life taking over, which opened the map to malicious normies trying to wipe out its species by testing their crash guns and other things making Uganda today known as a 24/7 war zone.

Possible Disappearance

Fredsoldaten use to go around helping other chubby ugandans with tiny arms go around and spit on people after Smackles and Sonic Smackles were wiped out on the world of Trap-Chan's Avatar Island, as he thought.

The disappearance is widely unknown, but has rumored he has been busy with IRL and that the PC used had a bad HDD that no longer worked, thus losing his account and the land of Uganda with it. He now runs around as a different user, but has requested that it not be told as a form of Ugandan National Security due to non-believer spies in Uganda wanting him executed by the land of Normies.

Compromise of February of 2021 + His return for a day

In February of 2021, Fredsoldaten's account would be used after 3 years, but it was not Fredsoldaten as multiple users had his password and started spreading his login details. During the process, one user was drunk and found it hilarious to take the map down and rub it into Legoman99573's face while they deleted everything. The original user who leaked the password would later regret doing as he did not like the knuckles meme, but had no intentions to remove anything and used it to go to random lobbies to troll in his avatars. Fredsoldaten would later come back after 5 days after the compromise and reclaim his VRChat account. Legoman and Fredsoldaten had a chat and he agreed to open a ticket to VRChat and attempt to rollback his account but nothing would come from it and Fredsoldaten agrees to let Uganda Reloaded be named to Uganda under circumstances that his credits remained at spawn. Legoman would convert the world from SDK2 to SDK3-Udon to add more cool things and modernize it a bit while trying to keep the original feel of Uganda.