Ugandan Knuckles Wiki

-Kirim- a commander of Smackles Uganda. He is said to lead bruddas into raids with Da Deval.. He has worshiped Da Deval all his life and is shall be committed for all of eternity. -Kirim- being one of the commanders also can summon and create islands. Due to what -Kirim- can imagine, makes island with architect and plantation.


Kirim is a smackles that was blessed by The Devil who was granted 50% more ebola than other smackles. Before he was blessed however, he was once a regular blue smackles and was not very important at the time. As time went on, he went up more and more in the rankings of smackles. He now a architect leading the by the side of the other commaders, VastBigBubba, Irtal, and Voidburnout.


The appearance of Kirim is a purple smackles with writing on his belly and back. The writing on his belly says "I Love Smackles" as a symbol of creating Smackles Uganda. The writing on his back says "The Way Has Balls". He has shoes with purple on the front and red on the back. His eyes are bloodshot and a have purple pupils and a black iris.


Not much is known about Kirim's abilities. Most people, know that Kirim has the "Supa Spit" and is almost as powerful as Gazton's spit. He also has the power to create and make islands with his mind. With these powers and his knowledge of war and leadership, this can be dangerous for normies as swarms of smackles will invade them with the power of The Devil.