Ugandan Knuckles Wiki
Ugandan Knuckles Wiki

Dead knuckles are normal knuckles that was experimented on with a mix of covid 19 and the undead virus outhe knuckles do not set them as bruddas but a rival tribe uglanda knows there past and wants to help them so technically they are the same species

mummy knuckles

mummy knuckles are the smartest ones and are the most royal ones the Knuckles of the undead treat them as royalty

dead knuckles

dead knuckles are zombie looking knuckles they ar charge in with out thinking they also fight each other to prove who is the strongest.

vampire knuckles

to say it like a pokedex would

”they are very smart very strong is what they are not” in outher words these guys are smart but weak and do most of the thinking not fighting they can not Evan make a punching bag shake a bit


Demond’s are knuckles like demonds that can’t think or hurt anyone when they possess people they gain there strength and there intelligence if they are in there demon form they are useless and is basically a jellyfish.