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Knuxolus, otherwise known as 3GEC666, is a cluster of an unknown number of stars that are arranged in such a way to take the shape of Ugandan Knuckles.

Knuxolus does not seem to have any connection with Knuckles Ultimus.


This strange anomaly was first discovered by the European Southern Observatory in 1988. At first it was thought to just be an average star cluster, but as more images were taken of it, the true shape of the Galaxy became more and more clear.

Observation events

The strange anomaly has been observed continuously ever since it's discovery. for the most part it has not shown any odd behaviors and was mostly stationary for years.

But some events that have occurred during the observation of the object are very unnatural to how most known Galaxies behave. Some events include:

The parts of the galaxy that resemble limbs being moved into different positions.

The head of the galaxy slightly turning.

Occasionally the mouth will be opened, or observed to slowly open and close.

Message from the stars

Another very bizarre event that was caused by this strange anomaly was that one day, while NASA was observing the Galaxy, the parts of the formation that resembled eyes started lighting up very brightly and flickering, like burning out lights.

This unknown anomalous occurrence lasted for 2 weeks, before the Galaxy returned to it's average state. At first the reasons for the flickering eyes was unknown, until a group of European scientists discovered that the flashing lights emanating from the eyes of the galaxy were actually a form of morse code.

Looking back at the flickering light recordings, the message came out as this sequence of digits:

-.. --- / -.-- --- ..- / -.- -. --- .-- / - .... . / .-- .- -.-- ..--..

When translated to English, this morse code message says "Do you know the way?"

Debate on state of the Object

There has been no other record of other galaxy systems sharing any of these or similar behaviors. This leaves many scientists to believe that 3GEC666 may very well be a sentient Galaxy. If this turns out to be true than it will be a revolutionary discovery that would change our understanding of the Universe and science itself. However it would also cause a world wide panic, because the idea of a living galaxy system would most probably cause fear to many people around the world.


There is still debate on if the Knuxolus Galaxy should be classified as a sentient being. As for other events, the object has not shown any more strange behavior ever since 2012. However, During January of 2018, the galaxy's arms and head have moved into the position of a dab, and stayed like that for the whole month, before reverting back to it's normal state on February 8th.