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Lady Knuckles is a female Ugandan Knuckles. She has only ever been seen a few times. Very little is known about her.


Lady Knuckles resembles a normal red Knuckles, however, her red skin is lightened to a pink. Even her shoes are lightened versions of the shoes red Knuckles wear. She also wears heavy make-up; thick blue eye shadow and long eyelashes as well as poorly applied lipstick. Her eyes are a bright green color, as opposed to the Ugandan warrior's black eyes.

On her back is tattooed the name Chad, which is presumably either a current or former boyfriend/lover.


Despite closely resembling Uganda Knuckles, she says that she is actually from California and that she does not follow Da Wey. She looks down on the Ugandan Knuckles, ridiculing them about not being able to find their queen.