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Lego Ugandan Knuckles

The Lego Ugandan Knuckles are living lego figures that resemble a Ugandan Knuckles.

They are not 'creatures' as they are not made up of organic matter. They are entirely made of plastic.


The Lego Knuckles have a standard lego body shape and a Ugandan Knuckles head. They have red shoes and a small, curved tail painted on their backs, white lego hands, and the classic white stripe painted across their chest.

Blue ones have a tan circle painted on their torso to resemble a belly.

They are about the same size as a regular lego man, so they are very tiny.


The Lego Ugandan Knuckles are a new species of Knuckles that are literal sentient lego figures. It is unknown how they are alive due to being just small figures made of plastic.

An otopsy was performed on one and there was no internal organs, no anatomy, it was just like cutting into a plastic cube.

The Lego Ugandans have near identical behaviors as an average Ugandan Knuckles. They click their plastic tounges, they desire to find Da Wey. They even raid and conquer other lands in the name of Uganda!

Lego Knuckles with a small spear they made

The Lego Knuckles are also very skilled at building things despite their small size. If enough of them are in a group, they could build grand structures in very little time. If the Lego Knuckles are exposed to actual Legos, they will immediately attempt to either build something or bring the lego bricks back to there homes where they can use them for other things.

The Lego Ugandan Knuckles have been known to carry little spears with them. But due to the small size they are more like tooth picks and can't do much damage to large creatures.

This is more of a self defense weapon, as they do not need to eat, since they are entirely made of plastic. They also seem to have unlimited stamina, with no need to rest, ever.

A chest of Lego bruddas

Origin / Theories

The Lego Ugandan Knuckles origins are not too clear. It is theorized that they used to be part of an official Ugandan Knuckles lego set that was to be released later in the year, but somehow the Lego figures gained sentience through unknown means, and escaped the lego factory.

This theory could be true, due to the Lego Knuckles when asked, say that they came from a machine and were born in a big building.

But that still leaves the question of how they came to life in the first place.

Some people believe that they were brought to life by Da Deval. Who casted his Ebola powers upon the factory to give rise to new Ugandan Warriors.

Some think it may have been the work of an old Witch Doctor who put a curse on the factory that manufactured them.

None of these theories are confirmed to be true though.

Smackles holding a Lego Knuckles

Other Notes

  • The lego Knuckles are not treated as toys in the Knuckles tribe as they are basically just like normal Knuckles, only lego.
  • Stepping on one can hurt like hell.
  • The Lego Ugandan Knuckles have a distinct fear of falling into rivers.
  • They are able to talk loud and clear despite not having vocal cords or even a throat.