Ugandan Knuckles Wiki

They dwell in Vrchat as white knights dressed as officers almost bordering loli, to protec lolis from harm.

They are weeaboos in black dressed in police uniforms and armed.

Some corrupt Loli police love to attack the knuckles over petty matters.

Security Room Break in and Raid of May 2020

One of the ugandan knuckles discovered the password contained for the Security room and when a Ugandan Warrior was threatened to be slaughtered by one of the members, they decided to leak the information to the back room to other members of the tribe and then took over the police station and gave the information to outsiders after a corrupted officer threatened to slaughter anyone who decided to break into the PD.

Allegations of LPD

Rumors rose during the raid of the LPD office that there had been allegations of the LPD threatening to work with the bad people and try to use nuclear weapons on the people of Uganda to wipe them all out to start the police war.