Ugandan Knuckles Wiki

Mount Knuckles or Mt Knuckles is a volcanic mountain located in Uganda. It is the location of Ugandan sans's home, which is a cave somewhere in the mountain, where he apparently trys to make Ugandan papyrus robot Ugandan susie helps Ugandan sans, the two of them being its only residents.


Mt Knuckles sits close to the edge of Uganda. There is bridge leading from the border of Uganda to the mountain which goes over the Ebola River, which flows at the mountain's base parallel to the border, effectively making the bridge one of the only ways into uganda. The mountain can be seen from hundreds of miles in any direction.


Back when the mountain was more volcanically active, Ugandan Knuckles would use it to make sacrifices to Da Deval by tossing their offerings (usually the impoverished or minorities) into its volcano anus. After volcanic activity decreased, they were forced to perform sacrifices using more manual tactics.

why the Knuckles left

it is unknown why the knuckles left some Believe they all sacrificed them selfs others believe they left because of a war it is also unknown why Ugandan sans and Ugandan susie are the only people there but some people Believe It all has to do with the Ugandan papyrus robot