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No No Knuckles

The No No Knuckles (Otherwise known as the Nono Knuckles) are a hybrid of a Ugandan Knuckles and a Nono (which are sometimes referred to as Brushes)

They are a sub-species of the Nonos which are the main characters that are used for the No No Square meme.


They have the same body shape as an average Ugandan Knuckles. They have Lime Green fur, a slightly different shade of lime green skin. Two clumps of hair that resemble paint brush bristles on each side of their heads. Green shoes with blue socks. and a small curly tail. They also wear a pair of white undies.

They also retain the classic white stripe going across their chest that Knuckles usually have. As well as their white gloves.


The Nono Knuckles are a species of echidna that are native to the No No Limbo.

They share their homelands with the Nonos, which are famous for creating the No No Square meme. The interesting thing about the No No Knuckles is that they do not seem to retain the aggressive behavior of the Ugandans. Instead they lean more towards being similar to the original Nono Brushes in terms of behavior.

a group of No No Knuckles

They can usually be found with groups of Nonos singing their traditional "No No Square" song and doing the No No dance along with it. They are usually passive beings unless somebody disrespects their no no square, only then will they become aggressive.

They also do not click or spit on their enemies. Again, they usually have most traditions as the regular Nonos.

However it is possible that the Nono Knuckles retain the same religious beliefs as the Ugandan Knuckles, as they also ask people if they know da wey. Although when they do it they usually sing the phrase to the same tune as the original No No Square song.

"Do you, no no da wae? You don't, no no da wae."

No No Limbo

No No Limbo landscape

No No Limbo is the place that the No No Knuckles as well as the Nonos (or Brushes) reside in. The environment appears to be a desolate Purple wasteland with various ancient ruins scattered across the land. It is unknown where these structures came from, Whether they were built by the Nonos long ago or if something else played a role in their creation. The only form of plant life appears to be black twisting vines with sharp spikes covering them.


There is a strange phenomenon where if you look closely at these structures, there appears to be long rows of Teeth in the cracks of some. Again, the reason is unknown.

One of the areas where the majority of the No No population can be found has a small hole, or crater, nest of some kind in the dirt where a large, purple, shiny egg. This egg does not belong to the Nonos, as it is much too big and the Nonos give live birth.

The Egg

What this egg belongs to is unknown, not even the Nonos know what or where this egg came from, but apparently it's been dormant for thousands of years.

Additional Info

  • The No No Knuckles do not have any other appearances that the ones shown on this page.
  • The Nono Knuckles can sometimes have the traditional tribal accent but can also sometimes have a smoother English accent similar to the regular Nonos. There is nothing that can effect which accent they develop when they grow up, it's a coin flip between the two.
  • The No No Knuckles are about the same size as a normal Ugandan Knuckles.