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Normies are a Form of human that are in denial of the Ugandan Knuckles Warriors,

The Normie Faction

The normies are people who just ignore the knuckles and begin to crash knuckles or block Knuckles on sight,

These normies Consist of mainly weeaboos with a cheap anime skin they have downloaded

The Normie Brigade

with no customization no unique colorings and nothing is unique about them they wear the same anime

face as from its prefabricated state no customizations nothing.

They Have participated in all wars of the ugandan knuckles just because the ugandan Knuckles is not an anime avatar.

Also the are in alliance with Nonbelievers That are an enemy against the knuckles

What they believe

They believe that they should crash and block us on sight just because we are Knuckles which is heavily racist.

They use Prefabricated skins that have nothing special on them with plain boring features same anime head from prefab and bodies.

Advanced Normies

these are the ones that own crashers to deliberetly crash all knuckles and everyone in the vercinity of there avatars

see Wars for a list of wars that the normies have been in with knuckles