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The Penguin Mafia, also known as the Penguin Gang, is a group of penguins who hold extreme prejudices against Ugandan Knuckles.


The Penguin Mafia has been known to harass and get into fight with Ugandan Knuckles. They set up residence in a cave that would later be inhabited by the Ancient Ugandan Knuckles.

The Great Battle for Uganda

When one of their members found the way to Uganda, a large group followed. Near the bridge leading to the volcano, the Great Battle for Uganda was fought. Many of the details are unknown, but the Penguins were said to have won. However, due to dwindling numbers in population and their lack of preparation to survive in Ugandan climate, they soon vacated Uganda, allowing the Knuckles to re-seize control.

At some point, Tha Boss died, but when a member of the Penguin Mafia was disrespecting his legacy, he clawed his way out of the grave to face him.


The Penguin Mafia speak in a New York accent, often using plays on various phrases. For instance, they use the phrase "Hey, I'm waddlin' here!" as a play on the phrase "Hey, I'm walkin' here!" popularized by the film Midnight Cowboy. Their leader, who the call Tha Boss, explained to a new recruit the two rules of the Penguin Mafia:

  1. We respect each other
  2. If anyone says "We're waddlin' here!" then everybody says "We're waddlin' here!"