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This is a list so you know the deal

Ugandan “sanic”

Ugandan sanic ex .jpg

Ugandan sanic is a ”pokemon“ card made to celebrate the release of the Sonic Movie And thus has never been in other media he had derpy purple eyes

type: fire

fennekin knuckles

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Fennekin knuckles are knuckles really famous in performances they are greate at funny performances, and cute performances thus they are known for there grate use in shows, plays, and movies they are in some famous movies however there gloves stop there hands from being able to hold a stick so most of there fire moves were lost

Type: wae, fire

Pikachu knuckles

Pikachu knuckles statue.jpg

pikachu knuckles are pokemon in a 3 step evolution but without pichu but instead it goes as if it was pikachu, Raichu, And gorochu due to being the mascot pikachu knuckles has more images, and lore he was the first pokemon to be caught by ash (original pikachu was just given to him) in a pokemon roleplay pikachu knuckles is most known for his electric moves in witch can shock down a bunch of Fletchinders however this does take away all of his Energy

type: wae, electric



ebolga is a squirrel pokemon it is a electric type ebolga can most offen be seen flying trying to speed wae pollen despite it having electric flowing through its body it does not use it because it slowly drains and it needs the electricity to keep it energized he also appeared in the pokemon rp as the electric gyms final pokemon

Type:wae flying

Ugandan Quilladin


a Ugandan Quilladin is a pokemon that we only seen the shiny form the regular form is said to be blue this pokemon has only been mentioned by professor oak it is also one of the only knuckles pokemon so far to not have the wae type he also has been mentioned in the vrchat and comic universe he also been mentioned to be the second ace of gohs team next to scourbunny

Type: fire grass

ugandan knuckles

just becaus there are so many new pokemon knuckles does not mean the normal Ugandan Knuckles can’t be caught in fact they are the most common ash for battling, red to compete the Pokédex, and serena because she thought they looked cute they come in many colors as you know