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Ugandan Pucca Commander

PoptartKnux is the Commander of the Ugandan Garu and Ugandan Pucca tribe. PoptartKnux is also considered the Commander of the Ugandan Pucca species as a whole since she is currently the only Pucca that was able to achive the Gaztons form. Just like the Ugandan Knuckles, this makes her the superior Pucca even to Tribes that she is not a part of.

She also has the strength to prove herself as well. PoptartKnux's strength and abilities are massively superior to an average Ugandan Pucca due to her being able to find De Wae.


She looks just like a Ugandan Pucca Except she is a Gaztons.

She has a golden Shirt, two purple dragon-like wings, a blue demon tail, and she wears a crown.


PoptartKnux was one of the very first Ugandan Puccas to show herself to the public after the Ugandan Knuckles, Tys. Traveled to the previously unexplored Sooga Islands after many people have reported rumors of strange activity.

According to Poptartknux, the Ugandan Pucca species originated in Asia, but they were infected with Ebola, in which they then migrated down to Africa to look for De Wey.

PoptartKnux's Statue in the Pyramid of Da Deval

Ever since the discovery of the Ugandan Pucca race, they have been allied with the Ugandan Knuckles ever since, and PoptartKnux herself has been a proud member of the High Council of Bruddahood which includes many important figures within the Ugandan Knuckles community such as Babakumbe, Gaztons The Commander, PrinceDUFF, and more.

As such, she has been given a statue which is located within the Pyramid of Da Deval in Toxic Uganda.

Ebola 2.0

PoptartKnux is now a member of Ebola 2.0. She is one of the most unique members of the community due to the fact she is not a Knuckles. PoptartKnux us responsible for making many things for the tribe such as avatars and VRChat worlds that the other Knuckles and Knuckle lovers can go to and enjoy.

Role within the canon Ugandan Knuckles verse

Poptart has a wide variety of roles in the Knuckles community. PoptartKnux is on very good terms with the Commander of Uganda and is trusted by many of the other higher ups.

The little Noodle Shop that Poptart owns.

She is also known for running a small Noodle shop that's built near the shore of one of the Islands in Uganda. She herself doesn't always work there as she is very busy commanding an entire tribe of Puccas and Garus, So she hires various other Ugandan Puccas to work there as dedicated employees.

Unfortunately this comes with a slight downside. Her noodle shop is currently in competition with the Eggroll Stands that the Chinese Knuckles run. The Chinese Knuckles are known for being rather aggressive to the point where they sometimes try to force people into buying Eggrolls, it's no surprise that the Chinese Knuckles can sometimes be rather belligerent towards her employees and her shop, as they believe that it's stealing their customers.

2D Rendition of PoptartKnux

Thankfully the Chinese Knuckles believe that damaging fellow Ugandan Allies property or person is dishonorable so they refuse to get physical. (unless it's with the Chinese Rouges)

PoptartKnux's other occupations involve training her army to fight battles against Non-Believers and establishing good relationships with neighboring Knuckles tribes. Despite having a whole tribe of millions of Puccas to look after she is able to manage her people quite well and is usually never overworked.

Additional Info

  • PoptartKnux is capable of flight with her wings but for some reason she rarely ever uses them.
  • Poptart has built herself a massive castle however it turns out it's just 1 massive room with a couple pictures, a table, and a thrown.... She currently does not live in it, she said she just felt like building a castle one day and hasn't used it since.
  • PoptartKnux's secret noodle recipe makes her noodles taste godly according to the other Puccas and Knuckles.
  • PoptartKnux has a deep manly voice, This causes some people to believe she is a Male, however she 100% female.
  • PoptartKnux is the only Pucca in the Ugandan Pucca tribe with a gold shirt.
  • PoptartKnux has aided in the war against the Best Bois before there species nearly went extinct.