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The basics

Pre Ugandan Shadows are Ugandan Shadows before they followed da wae and they disliked de wae and saw it as a meaningless lie witch led to a bad relationship including a slaughter of Ugandan Knuckles they lived on a abandon location in Uganda where the Ugandan Knuckles did not go so they could try to avoid fights


the Ugandan Shadows hobbies include chants against da wae and making a fire out of log and burn paper that says wishes and phrases of encouragement they baleve that these burnt paper will go to there god and will grant there wishes because of there nise words they often can be found supporting each other and there friends because they feel like there broturen are more important than anything else and will often give up wars in order to save there broturen

Other religions

the Ugandan Shadows have a ok relationship with most other religions (except da wae) often trying to partner with them however when it comes to da wae it is a lot different why they did consider being friends at first it all started with the Wae emerald the Ugandan Shadow see them as a gift from there god and thought any one that tried to take it from them are trying to steal there gifts and so when they saw they had one they attacked them stole the emrald and left

What happened to them

they all gave up on there old beliefs after they were beaten by the Ugandan Knuckles they thought this was a message from there gods telling them to give it up and thet they were doing the wrong thing so after that they began following da wae and forgot there past as time goes on until they became the Ugandan Shadows we now know today