Ugandan Knuckles Wiki

A knuckles in a chest

Red knuckles are all guards of da Queen and are the most common type of Ugandan Knuckles.


The Red and Blue Knuckles were once at war with each other. Despite the Reds' access to British weaponry, they were hindered by their own mistreatment and underutilization of their Smackle troops. Eventually, the two sides made peace and the Blues were integrated into their


Ugandan Knuckles came to Pokemon, it is unknown how he got there. However it is known that this created a vortex that brought Pokémon to the vrchat universe the Knuckles treat the Pokémon as allies and other species instead of pets they very rarely talk to them however when they do they often talk about random thing due to not being able to understand the Pokémon


  • spin dash
  • ebola spit (spreading Ebola through spit)
  • Clicks so loud it can make people stop playing vrchat.
  • "Why Are You Running" run
  • Bwah/bwah/bwah or gwah gwah gwah raiding chant