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The Samurai Knuckles are a member of the Ugandan Knuckles diaspora who reside in Japan. Combining traditional Ugandan Knuckles Spit warfare and Japanese martial arts they are revered warriors and known to be among the greatest in the world.


During the Ugandan Knuckles Genocide in 1333 AD many Knuckles fled Uganda. One particular tribe found their way to Japan where they learned the way of the samurai. Since then the Knuckles Clan were among the most feared Samurai clan in Japan.

Genpei War (1180–1185)



A Knuckles Samurai in action

During the Genpei War the Knuckles Clan took the side of the Minamoto Clan, as a result the Minamoto Clan came out victorious.

Resurgence (2019-2020)

It had been years since the Genpei War After the wars the Minamoto had dissolved after 839 years of the clan's collapse a new clan was made the Shogun Clan was made by Shogun Rocco this new clan was quick to make a name for its self forming up massive amounts of trained warrior's as the day's went by the clan had over 330 Member's the Shogun Clan was also very kind and respectful to other knuckles on the main land of Uganda they said the main land was the native home were their clan originated from so they had set up a dojo as a permanent home one one rare occasion the Shogun Clan left the dojo to explore the main land their they meet da queen where they showed great respect and honor to be in da queen's throne room they asked the queen if their clan could be accepted as a official army branch to everyone in the throne room da queen agreed and so the clan saw its self help defend the main land against rebellions and invasions during all of this the Shogun Clan was sent on the front-lines in a skirmish with the underhub were the Shogun Clan were victorious

Shogun Clan Logo

As of a result of their bravery da queen gave Shogun Rocco and the Shogun Clan a new dojo where they could train new samurai and grow as of October 31st 2020 this clan is still around

Indo-Sino-Samurai War (2020-)

(For all Context This Is Recent The War Is Between The Australian Sonic's, Soviet Pingu's, And Of Course Samurai Knuckle's)

Nov, 13, 2020 The Samurai Knuckle's were called to the queen's palace on Toxic Uganda their the queen told them about the recent attacks by the soviet pingu's and how the australian sonic's new political party that has token office and has been fighting their assaults at the ports Rocco hearing this pleaded with da queen to have permission to help the sonic's da queen replied with "yes my brudda i understand your concern for them me and the court's have been debating this and we will reach a decision on the 22nd just wait till then brudda then i will give the answer" with this the clan left to train and prepare for the challenges ahead

Nov, 22nd, 2020,

The Clan was summoned back too TU to hear da queen's answer it was a full war declaration that had been sent to the Soviet Pingu's 9 days before and the volunteers had been stationed in main land uganda and the border of Australia Da Queen said the clan was to be split into 2 two groups one to assist the homeland and the second to assist the frontline Rocco agreed and put Charlie his 2nd in command in charge of the homeland

so far the war is still raging multiple battles were fought until the war is over this is all we have now