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Santa knuckles

Santa knuckles is a Smackles that can be found around toxic Uganda he is jolly and nice every winter Santa knuckles will go on his sleigh and travel to other locations and gives them presents


As you can probably tall santa knuckles is indeed a Smackles with a santa outfit on. his red is kinda like human skin mix with red and his outfit is the same red a normal smackles is. Is outfit includes a hat a belt boots and a santa coat he also has glasses and a beard


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Santa knuckles is most often is happy and jolly and almost never resorts to violence he likes his friends and really likes young Knuckles and Smackles.


Santa knuckles speed all comes from his Sleigh being pulled by reindeer santa knuckles Sleigh is in fact faster than Mojo Knuckles machine making it one of the fastes things in Uganda

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santa knuckles may be kind but every one has enemies such as Mojo Knuckles

mojo Knuckles

mojo knuckles dislikes almost every one in the knuckles clan and there friends but one day santa knuckles Heard about mojo knuckles attacking Da Queen so Santa Knuckles decided to get payback by putting a stocking full of coal him his house and every time mojo knuckles attacked da queen santa would put more stockings of cole in his house eventually Mojo Knuckles had enough and threatened Santa Knuckles that if he put coul in his house ever again he will kill him, santa knuckles never put any more coal in his house.

da queen

santa knuckles and da queen are on good turms santa knuckles often giving her presents because Da Queen has always been a good friend to him Da Queen decided reward him by by giving him cokies every time he gives her a present.