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Scottish Commander

The Scottish Tails commander is the leader of the Scottish Tails

The current Scottish Tails commander is named Madyyy. They have a portrait of their Discord PFP hanging up in the Plad Hall, along with some other people that are also very important, but not important enough to list here.


Every Scottish Tails is slightly larger than an average Scottish Tails.

They appear to have Plad fabric instead of fur, and their eye pupils are colored to look like the Scottish Flag.

Unlike the Australian Sonic, The Scottish Tails eyes automatically change to look like their country's flag once they become the Commander, where the Australian Sonic's can have this trait from birth or not.

Become the commander

The Scottish Tails seem to become the commander in the exact same way that the Ugandan Knuckles do. By learning Da Wey. However, the effects of knowing Da Wey seem to be different for the Scottish Tails than the Ugandan Knuckles.

When the Ugandan Knuckles learn Da Wey, their Skin turns Gold and Purple Dragon wings, and Blue tail will grow on their back. Then they become a Gaztons aka the new commander.

The Scottish Tails do not have a special term for their Commander like "a Gaztons" they just call them Commander.

But when a Scottish Tails learns Da Wey. Their skin turns into Plad fabric, and their eye pupils change to look like the Scottish Flag. However the abilities are the same.

To learn more about what abilities a commander gains after learning da wey, click here.


The Scottish Tails Commander's roll is to basically lead and command the other Scottish Tails, but since the Scottish Tails have different life styles than the Ugandan Knuckles, they may not lead their people in the same fashion.