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Yes, the Scottish Tails are in VRChat. They also have their own world made specifically for them. It's just called Scotland. There are 4 Scottish Tails avatars located in the world.


In 1870, the Commander of the Scottish Tails worked with the Scottish Parliament to grant them a portion of land where they may establish a Scottish Tails Outpost/Main homeland area in central Scotland. The Scottish Parliament agreed and granted 2000 acres of land to the Scottish Tails to be able to establish the outpost and proceed with their colonization.

The Scottish Tails have designed their own flag to represent their new land, this flag is not meant to represent a new country it acts as a royal banner to represent the Scottish Tails colony. They are still completely Scottish.

Scottish Tails was popularized mostly by YouTubers Aztrosist, Madyyy, and SnowXP.

Appearance / Description

The Scottish Tails are a species of two tailed Fox that are exclusively native to Scotland

The Scottish Tails looks very similar to a Ugandan Knuckles, except it's Tails

They can usually be seen with a Scottish Flag on their backs and a Tartan Hats

Scottish Tails Commander

The Scottish Tails Commander is larger than an average Scottish Tails and he appears that his fur is made out of Tartan, and his eye pupils are patterned to look like the Scottish flag.


The Scottish Tails have many traditional Scottish customs including playing bag pipes and celebrating traditional Celtic ceremonies.

They are also accustom to beliefs of Da Wey and because of this, they share a strong friendship with the Ugandan Knuckles. The Scottish Tails are known to attack nonbelievers on sight. They fly and yell to tell everyone what is going on

Tails in a Tartan Tank

Notable Feats

They have established a military which consists of Challenger 2 main battle tanks which are entirely covered in Tartan. Their noble military has aided in their defense against enemy nations and conquering many lands.

additional Info

two Scottish Tails together

All Scottish Tails normally speak with a thick scottish accent and they are known to enjoy each others company and can often be found having a good time with one another.

They seen to have a higher alcohol tolerance than an average human as they have often been found in bars drinking twice as much alcoholic beverages without showing any signs of intoxication. However they still can get drunk, it just takes much more than it does to get a man drunk

The Scottish Tails enjoy proudly and loudly shouting "SCOTLAND FOREVER!"

Team Country

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