Scrungusbungus having a BBQ at the Best Boi homeworld


Scrungusbungus is a famous celebrity within the Ugandan Knuckles community.

He is most well known for his many variants of avatars and wholesome antics while in these avatars.


Scrungusbungus can take on many different appearances, however the best way to describe him is that he looks identical to a normal Red Knuckles. but he is always wearing some sort of outfit.


Scrugusbungus is a member of the OG Ugandan tribe as he rose up during the early ages of the meme.

Scrungus is most well known for his many different personas that he will often casually switch between. These personas come with various different avatars that match the personality of the persona he puts on.

Scrungusbungus also is unique as to where he does not seem to have a default personality. His many personalities are usually only attributed with his current persona.

Another interesting thing about Scrungusbungus is that he rarely speaks with his real voice. He has mostly been seen just using sound clips that fit with his current avatar as he does his thing.

not many people know what his real voice sounds like.

Scrungusbungus is such a well known Knuckles that even hardcore Knuckles haters have respect for him.


ScrungusBungus has been well known for showing up and entertaining millions of people by putting on a show with his many personas.

Scrungus at first raided with the rest of the Knuckles tribe but then decided to take on a more wholesome role, He then traveled the lands bringing entertainment to almost every place he visited.

This also includes enemies of the Ugandan Knuckles. Such as the Best Bois. The Best Bois are known for being highly anti-Knuckles, however Scrungusbungus happily visited the Best Boi's homelands and provided an enjoyable experience for the Best Bois, even transforming into his Australian persona to have a nice Barbecue with the Best Bois.

unfortunately, Scrungus became more and more independent and it got to the point where just disappeared one day. Nobody knows where he is or where he went and to this day he has not been heard from. But his influence is still well heard of.


ScrungusBungus has many different personas that he casually switches between. Some of his most famous personas include:


The only knuckles that can show them the way (Scrungusbungus) - VR Chat Funny Clip


  • Russian Knuckles: He rolls around in a tiny Russian Tank with a USSR hat on and a bottle of vodka. While in this persona he screams and hollers stuff in fluent russian.
  • Pirate Knuckles: Scrungus rides in a small pirate ship, often with 2 other knuckles in his crew while singing old sailor songs.
  • Italian Knuckles: Scrungusbungus has a mustache and Italian chef hat while riding on a little delivery scooter with a Pizza on the back seat.
  • Scottish Knuckles: This persona shows Scrungus with a Scottish hat and bagpipes while the Scottish Flag is mounted on his back. He usually yells in a thick scottish accent "SCOTLAND FOREVER" before playing his bagpipes perfectly.

    Italian Scrungus

  • Protector of the Master Emerald: Scrungus will change size to a massive Knuckles that has a very deep voice, the ground shakes as he stomps around. (Note: He is not actually the protector of the Master Emerald, this is just the name of this persona)
  • Viking Knuckles: Scrungus wears a horned viking helmet, scruffy yet stylish viking beard, shield, sword, and has a viking flag mounted on his back.
  • Military Knuckles: Scrungus will drive a traditional military jeep with a little gun on the top.
  • Commando Knuckles: a Ugandan soldier who drove recklessly and said lines from "Who Killed Captain Alex."
  • Samurai Knuckles: who would say "Omae wa mou shindeiru" shortly before attacking pedestrians.
  • Gordon Freeman Knuckles: who said nothing but would beat things with his crowbar.
  • Trader Knuckles: a traveling merchant who sells his weapons potions and so much more...
  • Solaire Knuckles: who played the "Praise the Sun" dance remix.
  • Ocelot Knuckles: who would imitate Revolver Ocelot's meow and try and fail to do his revolver trick.
  • Ben Swolo Knuckles: a muscular and bare-chested knuckles version of Kylo Ren
  • Friar Knuckles: a medieval monk who would recite prayers made from speed up screams from the TF2 Heavy, and fly up into the air while playing Ave Maria.

There are many more Personas that Scrungusbungus has. These are just some of the most well known ones.

Notable abilities

Samurai Scrungus

Scrungusbungus is known to have standard Ugandan Knuckles abilities.

He is shown to use Matter Manipulation. As he is able to create objects such as clothing, tools, and vehicles out of thin air.

He also has the ability of Size Manipulation. He is shown to be able to change his size on a whim.

Slight Body Manipulation. Scrungusbungus has been able to reconstruct his anatomy so that he has a muscular humanoid body when he put on his Kylo Ren persona.

Other Info

Chinese Scrungus

  • Scrungusbungus is one of the most famous Knuckles in the Ugandan Knuckles community next to Gaztons.
  • Scrungusbungus while he does have a Scottish Persona, does not have any relations to the Scottish Tails as he disappeared before the Knuckles met them.
  • Scrungusbungus is not a member of Ebola 2.0 but he is respected greatly in that group.
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