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We can be free if we escape this damn universe -shadow (This page is not about the main vr universe)

“There’s the creator and the owner, the worker and the boss, people work there ass off for other people to get the credit it’s life” - shadow to nightmare Knuckles

Shadow aka the guardian of de wae and good friend of Uganda daisy friend and the creator of uglanda


why shadow used to look like a knuckles with shadows reboot of his comic his appearance changed. now he is dark blue with black puffs floating around him mainly around his eyes but he can still see but We do know that shadow has gold eyes with red pupils his eyes turn purple when he turns into SpringKnuckles his appearance some times makes people think that he’s evil but he’s not sometimes when he is going in to Territories where he is not liked he will disguise himself as a Ugandan Knuckles, he later started dressing up in his SpringCrono to hide from his enemies

first meeting with Gazton

One day Uganda Daisy and shadow were walking around in Uganda Gaztons just got off of vacation when he first saw shadow he thought he was a Nonbeliever that came to attack them shadow thought Gaztons was a Yellow knuckles (A team of knuckles that disguise Them selfs as Gazton when they do bad stuff) so a fight broke out between them after a big fight Uganda daisy friend explained everything than they became teammates.

Witherd Knuckles

after the Uglanda vs the world comic was finished it was edited it removed the black screen with red eyes and instead finished with shadow dying in what seems to be a hospital and than his black soul comes up to Witherd Knuckles and it reveals in the Australian comic that they combined into one entity at the end it reveals there using the portal to escape and get to another universe


because shadow is no longer part Demond he could no longer use margin but instead became a scientist a quote from the script “as the Australian Sonic wakes up he looks around and sees some test tubes with no people but instead eyes leg bones and a heart he looks around to see syringes with blood and sicknesses labeled from what species it was from to the blood type there were cages with bodies bleeding a red ooz but it wasn’t blood there were robots with syringes sticking in them chains holding there arms up there were lab coats with blood on the inside like they were ripped off someone’s back and eyeless boneless corpses with green blood more robots with cards on them watch saying a different illness injected into them and living knuckles banging on a glass cage next to him the knuckleses having a sticky note saying different computer and Xbox viruses than lookin dead in the middle he saw it joul and withered knuckles wearing a lab coat with blood stains all over the back one hand in the pocket the other holding a syringe” - the Australian sonic comics description of shadows lab