Ugandan Knuckles Wiki

Left side is a regular Ugandan Knuckles; Right side is a Smackles, the 1st generation of Ugandan Knuckles

Smackles are the original Ugandan Knuckles that ran around VRChat. The Smackles tribe is a descent of the 1st Ugandan Knuckles tribe except they are decimated and badly weight painted to bones where when they speak, one of their eyes stretches out. Due to geographical isolation they can be considered a distinct subspecies from the other original subspecies.


Smackles is a tribe known to sing and make other people really happy until one day, Gaztons won the place of Commander in Uganda Causing them to scream and spit out random stuff to people to get them to follow da wae.

Almost Extinction

Smackles tribe nearly went extinct in December 22nd, 2017 due to the Civil War between red and blue Ebola. But that is what everyone thought when in May of 2018 only 1 of each color came out and signed a peace treaty ending the Civil War between Red and Blue Ebola and started Repopulating.


In December, their original homeland was in Trap-Chan Avatar World, but was destroyed by nukes between the two tribes. In May of 2018, the Smackles tribe took over half of Uganda and discovered toxic waste would turn a knuckles into a Smackles, so they kidnapped a couple and turned them into Smackles and started to declare war on the abandoned world of Uganda until June 5th, 2018 where Uganda was split into two places. Original Uganda and Toxic Uganda.


Currently as of May of 2018, Ebola 2.0 Emperor Babakumbe and High Commandah Prince Duff have control of the Knuckles Tribe to where Legoman99573 has current control of Toxic Uganda with the assistance of Ebola 2.0 and Uganda.