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9:23 AM. The Beginning

Location: Uganda, Main land.

It started off as any normal day, the sun was out, the seaguls were flying overhead swooping down to pick fish from the shallow ocean that surrounded the main islands.

However there was a "tension" that lingered amongst the Knuckles tribe that resided in the area.

Many members of the tribe stated that they feel like something bad was about to happen.

11:50 AM. Doing a Little Trolling

Many Knuckles have reported strange events occurring to them. Most of them usually consisted of inconvenient things like losing certain items or various things that may cause them to get annoyed or frustrated, But some have reported more sinister occurrences which seem to be beyond explanation.

Some Knuckles have felt like they were attacked! More specifically, punched, kicked, or pushed to the ground from behind but when they looked there was nobody around.

One instance included a Knuckles almost getting crushed by a falling Palm Tree. But the Tree was perfectly healthy and had no reason to fall unless something made it fall.

There was normally no explanation for these events.

4:00 PM. It Arrives

That afternoon, a seemingly normal "Troll" has been spotted in Uganda. There didn't seem to be anything off about the Troll, So for the most part the Knuckles didn't mind it (except for the ones that it "le epically trolled lol")

However after a while, the Troll suddenly stopped it's usual trolling activity and stared at the volcano off in the distance. The being ignored anything that tried to interact with it.

6:47 PM. The Trollge Manifests

The Troll that was staring at the volcano started getting increasingly distressed.

The entity collapsed to the ground and started aggressively twitching. The grotesque sound of cracking bones and blood curdling screeches came from the entity as it's body began to mutate and deform.

Eventually the creature got up and was now approximately 72 ft tall, with disproportionate limbs. Everywhere it went it casted a ominous stick shadow over the land no matter which direction the sun was facing.

It began attacking and killing anything it saw. This included more than just Knuckles but other people and creatures too.

The creature seemed to be unaffected by any forms of weapons and was even able to bypass the crazy mutations and defenses that some of the rarer Knuckles have developed, Killing anything it could with ease.

Distress call from PrinceDuff

It was at this moment that the High Commander of the Knuckles, Princeduff. Called for back up from the Knuckles tribes located through other parts of the country, via the small radio at the large hut on the massive Sandbar.

The following is a conversation between PrinceDuff and Pucca Commander PoptartKnux that was said during the distress call:

Duff: "WTF!?"

Pop: "The Trollage has begun, you all better run."


Pop: "Should I send some Garu's over to help with this?"

Duff: "Yes, dumbass! I been spamming for help bro"

8:20 PM. Into The Fire and The Flames.

After 2 hours of fighting and a bloody massacre, the Trollge began to turn it's attention to the Volcano. The eldritch monster made a B line straight for the volcano and climbed it.

The Trollge descended down into the volcano where it disappeared, to this day.

Nobody knows how this event happened. Some theorize that the Troll was corrupted by the Deval's energy that resonates from the volcano and caused it to go insane and mutate. But nobody knows exactly what, why, or how this happened.

However the horror and bloodshed that occured on this day left a scar on the Knuckles History, thus giving this event the title: The "Shadow Over Uganda" Incident.