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The Abominuckles King

The Abominuckles King or just "The King" is the leader and commander of the Abominuckles.

He is known by others as a vicious cold blooded killer. But to his followers, he is the most marvelous leader a knuckles could ever have.

He is responsible for the slaughtering of many innocent people.


The King retains similar traits as the other Abominuckles with a few new bodily features.

His teeth are longer. He has a wicked right eye. His flesh is saggier and more ripped up as if he was rotting for much longer than the others.

His gloves are Black. He has 2 sharp Horns sprouting from his head that can be described as Devil Horns.

He always carries a Weapon, which appears to be a hook on the end of a long metal rod. He has the dead corpses of 2 Ugandan Knuckles impaled on his weapon, no doubt he uses this weapon to kill very often.


The King is known as by the other Abominuckles, the best leader they could possibly have. However, to the rest of the world, he is a dangerous beast that should be avoided at all costs.

He enjoys killing innocent creatures and eating them, sometimes alive. He also finds great joy in torturing people in horrible ways. He has been known to be a ruthless tyrant and is definitely not trust worthy.

It is strongly advised to stay far away from this evil creature NEVER Approach him unless you have a death wish.

Crimes committed

  • Stalking
  • Murder
  • Man-eating
  • Torture
  • Abuse of power
  • Animal cruelty
  • Invasion
  • War crimes

Additional Info

  • The Abominuckles King is known for being the most intelligent Abominuckles as he is smart enough to plot and carry out complex plans and can easily outsmart his victims. While all the other Abominuckles that worship him have more primal intelligence, leaning closer to being more Animalistic.
  • He has a great regen ability. As to where the other Abominuckles can usually be put down from a bullet to the head, The King has been seen tanking machine gun fire from police and brushing it off as if it was just a light rain despite chunks of flesh being blown off him.
  • The King is much larger than the other Abominuckles. The Abominuckles are normally no bigger than an average Ugandan Knuckles, where The king is larger than a grown man. (an average adult male's head would only reach The King's lower chest.
  • The King's demonic voice has been known to cause weak minded people to go insane upon hearing it. This may be evidence that The King has slight mind manipulation. This is not confirmed though.