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Forbidden Ancestry

The Forbidden Ancestry is a name given to a group of Knuckles that are undead. They are not a new species all together but rather a new species that was created from passed members of the old species.


The Forbidden Ancestry otherwise known as the "Skeleknuckles", are basically just Skeletons of normal Ugandan Knuckles that died years ago and now walk among the living again.


The Skeleknuckles are dry, fleshless skeletons that have risen from the grave. They have no organs, skin, or anything besides bone.

Despite them not having lungs or vocal cords they are still fully capable of speaking fluently and making noises.

The Skeleknuckles do not have a need to eat or drink. They do not age as they are already dead, giving them immortality.

Skeleknuckles rising from the grave

Nobody knows how their bodies are able to function properly due to being nothing but a skeletal system, We assume that there is some otherworldly reason behind their ability to function as well as a fully fleshed out Knuckles. Even being able to hack up a ball of spit, which should normally be impossible due to lack of glands in the body.


The origins of the Forbidden Ancestry started in the Chuka Chuka region of Uganda. This is where the first and largest ancient burial ground that the Ugandan Knuckles buried their fallen warriors and tribe members for centuries. In October 31st 2019, the Anomalous occurrences began to take effect.

There have been sightings of unidentified entities digging out of the ground right beside the tombstones of the dead Ugandan Knuckles. For many nights afterward, there have been stories and reports of many Knuckles hearing strange rattling sounds from the shadows of the jungle and some Knuckles even claimed to have been chased by a menacing entity that shared strong visual similarities to the Skeleton Knuckles. From that moment on, the Knuckles have named the group of paranormal beings "The Forbidden Ancestry"


The behaviors of the Skeleknuckles can vary from being friendly or threatening to the living Knuckles. More often than not, The Skeleknuckles will often give chase or threaten to attack living Knuckles who cross their path. The motivations for doing so are unknown.

a small group of Skeleknuckles

However, if the Skeleknuckles comes across a member of their family or bloodline such as a great grandson or distant relative, they will not engage in aggressive behavior and instead treat them with kindness.

They will also cease all hostile activity if they are in the presence of a Gaztons. or Da Queen. It is hypothesized that the reason for this is that they still are able to recognize the superiority of the Commander Gaztons and Queen, and

as such will act like fellow Ugandan Soldiers, Taking orders and serving them in any way they can.

This only works with Ugandan Knuckles Gaztons'. Any other species such as a Ugandan Pucca Gaztons will not be able to change their normally hostile behavior.

Day and Night

One of the most interesting facts about their behavior, is that they are less likely to engage in a conflict during the day. Within the daylight hours, the Skeleknux prefer to avoid contact with other beings and may often shy away from any living being that they come across. Very seldomly do they attack during the day.

But at Night however, is when they become very aggressive. When the Night falls upon the land, the Skeleknuckles prowl the dark forest floor of the African jungles. They will not actively search for a conflict but if one is unfortunate enough to cross paths with one during the night hours, there is a good chance they will try to engage in hostile behaviors with you.

How A Knuckles becomes a Skeleknuckles

The Forbidden Ancestry are all undead Ugandan Warriors who died long ago. Many of these skeleknux were soldiers who fought in many tribal wars across Uganda and have died on the battlefield.

A photograph of a Skeleknux taken while it was chasing a safari photographer through a dark forest.

They will often randomly growl and gesture into the night phrases like "Where is da wae?" "Show me da wae" or "I have to find de wey".

This is a sign that the reason these walking corpses walk among the living is due to the fact that they have died before they were satisfied with life and have unfinished business, So their bodies refuse to rest until they achieve their goals of Finding da wey.

Special conditions

There are certain conditions that must be met for a dead Knuckles to become a Skeleknux.

They must have motivations to keep living (Such as unfinished business before they died) And they must have all forms of flesh and tissue completely rotted off their bones leaving a bare, dry skeleton.

Other Info

  • The Skeleknuckles are not able to die of natural causes but can very easily be killed with melee weapons.
  • The Skeleknux are often found hanging around darker areas where not much light shines through.
  • The Skeleknux do not seem to be particularly lethal, as they are easy to kill and will regress to a passive state when in the presence of the Commander, Queen, or Members of their bloodline.
  • The Skeleknux rib cages can be played like a xylophone.
  • They able to come in all shapes and sizes depending on the shape and size of the Knuckles that died.
  • The name "Forbidden Ancestry" refers to that fact that all of the Skeleknux are the ancestors of the Ugandan Knuckles tribes from many years ago.