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T.O.L or the obama legion is a Ugandan supportive organization primarily made up of entities known as the Obamians. Masters in the political arts and there good strategic skills make them a fierce opponent in battle

History in order

[General History]

The T.O.L was founded in the year 1945(Earth years) 4000(Solarius years) on the planet of Solarius IX. a species known as the Obamians, a sub inhabitant of Solarius IX brought space travel and knowledge with their arrival on Solarius and have stayed on the planet since their arrival during the Laden period. They established a firm foothold in politics as many Obamians were master politicians and before long Darren Folbur was elected Minister of Solarius. Not long after the Obama Party was formed and had the idea of forming The Obama Legion, a organisation meant to help expand Solarius territory and advance technology further.

[The Melvious Crusade] year 1945 (Earth) 4000 (Solarius)

After the Legions founding, a large group led by Vice Director Bart Melovius was sent back into space on the craft The Crusader. After searching for many years, they finally find the planet Earth, which will later partially become a colony world under T.O.L Control. While exploring the planet the Titan Squad, a special operations unit, discovered a mass of land known as Uganda, this area was home to the creatures known as Ugandan Knuckles or as the Obamians called them “The Men Of The Wae”. after encountering these beings the Titan Squad was eager to learn about their culture and exchange items of cultural value with the Ugandans and after many months, the Titan Squad asked via radio transmissions that a colony be built on earth allowing them and their fellow Obamians to stay on earth and continue to interact with the Ugandans.

[Colonization of Earth] year 1962 (Earth) 4015 (Solarius)

After the radio call was made, countless Obamian Colonizers were sent to earth and set up in the country now known as Obamaria. After the Obamians claimed the country they created cities and towns across the land. The capital city was known as Trinity City the capital building was named Da Tower as suggested by the Ugandans. The Obamians continued to build up their proud country and after 2 years of work, it was complete. But, as the new country was founded a powerful enemy hailing from Delta III approached the planet.

[The War for Obamaria] years 1967-1969 (Earth) 4026-4030 (Solarius)

A radio transmission from Obamian mothership The Centurion, which was orbiting Solarius IX at the time, warned the Obamians about the incoming threat. The invaders from Delta were known as The Tyrannus Order, a legion of destructive corrupt Ugandan knuckles that somehow made it off planet and over time evolved into entities of pure chaos. The members of the Order were called “Da Evil Ones” by the Ugandans and the Obamians alike, and that is when they both realised they had a common enemy. As a result, the Obamians and Ugandans joined forces, which was a much needed boost to military and defensive fronts. With the combined forces of Obamian titan units led by Comisar Caesar and Ugandan military regiments led by the great Commander Gaztons, they were able to suppress the threat. That is until the Tyrannus Order unleashed their most powerful weapon, a portal to the Void, the Void is a dark pocket dimension where the great Obamapyramid was said to be. But it was also home to Flak The Devourer, an ancient being who hungers for the core of planets.

[The Destruction of Flak/The End of the War] year 1969 (Earth) 4030 (Solarius)

The Tyrannus Order, now with Flak The Devourer, were winning every battle on the field. Countless cities fell during this period and many lives were lost until Comisar Caesar sent a transmission to the 44th Obamian Space Division. On the day of May 25th 1969 (12th day of the Beriel Period 4030) the spacecraft known as the Blackwing was launched into the Void. The team on board the Blackwing were known as the 8th Deepspace Division, a unit that practically had been training to go into the void for 2 years. While inside the 8th located the Obamapyramid and were able to retrieve it, giving the Obamians great power. And with that power Caesar and Gaztons vanquished Flak and sent the Tyrannus Order into the void, trapping them for eternity.

[The Rebellion] year 1971 (Earth) 4042 (Solarius)

2 years after the tragic war, the country of Obamaria is doing well, the damage was minor so rebuilding was easy. But, in was time of disarray for the citizens, during this time a new threat had appeared. They were known as the Knights Of Serenity, they moved silently and their operations were devastating on citizen support of the government. Through silencing politicians and creating fraudulent facts, they amassed a large following. Around 24,000 citizens had joined their group and soon, they would raid the capital building. But what they didn't know was that Jonathan Clau, a member of the elite knights was a spy for the legion. He relayed the information to Garred Wethermen, head of the defence department and Da Tower readied its defences. 3 hours later the first shot went off, as a result thousands of rebels stormed the building, this went on for a whopping 8 hours until they were stopped by titan units and arrested. The heads of the group were never identified and never found, the legion is still unaware of their current whereabouts.

[Present Day]

The country of Obamaria is doing extremely well and trades with Ugandans have increased by 30%, in fact the Ugandans are so integrated into our culture that a red knuckles is running for senator of Trinity city. As the country continues to thrive so do its people.

Obamian Hall of Fame

[Famous Military Units]

These units are some of the most famous military units ever to exist in Obamian history, we have decided to document their feets of glory here.

Titan Squad 01(special ops unit)- responsible for discovery of Earth and contact with Ugandans

44th Obamian Space Division- responsible for launch of the Blackwing

8th Deepspace Division- responsible for retrieving Obamapyramid, traveling through the Void

28th Armored Division- responsible for destruction of 50 Tyrannus outposts during the war

Shadow corps- responsible for uncovering the Knights Of Serenity meeting location

22nd Ugandan guerrilla core- responsible for keeping Flak The Devourer at bay during mission OP

5th Royal Infantry Unit(since disbanded)- valiantly fought to protect local families during war

[Famous People]

From directors to generals, these are all the people who made Obamaria what it is today.

T.O.L Director and Minister of Solarius Darren Folbur

T.O.L Vice Director Bart Melovius

Military Comisar Caesar

Ugandan Commander Gaztons

Agent Jonathan Clau

Defense Director Garred Wethermen

[Famous Ships]

The ships listed here were used for great things, and they will forever be immortalized here.

Obamarian Mothership The Centurion

Obmarian Research Flagship The Crusader

Obmarian Deepspace Traveler Blackwing

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