The Military base of Uganda

The Ugandan Military base is located in a undisclosed part of Uganda.

This is where the majority of the Ugandan Army reside. This is also where the Ugandan Military trains and preps for wars and battles against the enemies. This is also the place where millions of Knuckles (Even those that are not in the army) gather up to prepare for raids on other lands.

This was the place where many of Knuckles and Knuckles allies from around the world congregated in preparation for the Great War of 2020. (Will make a page on that later)


The Ugandan Army HQ is the Military base for the Ugandan Army. It is a small Bunker like structure surrounded by tiny canons and trenches. The reason for everything being so small is because Knuckles are normally really small. The base is perfectly 'Knuckles sized'.

The base is used to house the members of the Ugandan Military and prepare for battle.

Differences from the Ugandan Warriors

The Ugandan Military is not to be confused with the Ugandan Warriors. The Soldiers in the Ugandan Military are the armed forces of the country of Uganda. The Ugandan Warriors are the tribal warriors dedicated to fighting for their tribes and their allies.

A Ugandan Army Tank


The Ugandan Army HQ was constructed by an old war veteran named StripesCraft. It stood as the main base for Knuckles that joined the Ugandan Military and was the main place where higher ranking Knuckles would go to discuss plans of attack during the times of war. They had a verity of military weapons and vehicles.

This includes Tanks, War Jeeps, Canons, and a variety of firearms and explosives.

The Ugandan Army HQ was the first and most successful military base to be established in Uganda.

The abandoned Army HQ

Abandonment and Relocation

Despite being the most successful Military base in Uganda, unfortunately the base had to be abandoned.

The cause of this was thanks to involvement from the Loli Police. When the LPD Discovered where the Military base was located they being the corrupted cops they were, tried to find any possible way to bring them down that they could. Their methods for taking down the base ranged from giving them all parking tickets despite not even having any of their vehicles in the LPD's territory, Threatening false allegations on them to get the soldiers kicked out of the army, and even blackmailing them to shut down their base or they will revile the location to the public. Due to the LPD's burning hatred for Knuckles they did just that.

An LPD Violation Notice on the side of an old war truck.

The inside of the Abandoned base

Now that the whole world knew where the base was, they had to abandon it and move to a new location. Over many years the old base succumbed to the effects of time and vandals. Structural integrity was lost, and graffiti was sprayed on the walls of the base.

Thanks to the abandonment of the old base it gave us an opportunity to take a look inside freely without limits.

Turns out the Military base was more complex than it looks on the surface. Within the base is a network of hallways and rooms all with their own distinct purposes.

There were Weapon rooms, Planning rooms, Locker rooms, a Colonel Office, and other classified areas.

The barracks of the abandoned base.

One can only imagine what went on in these halls during this base's golden days.

Fortunately the new Ugandan Army HQ base is still up and running and now has max security measures with assistance from the Humans who are part of the Ugandan Armed Forces. Now the Knuckles Army Base is able to be known to the public with less worry of being ambushed by their enemies.

Once the new location was chosen, StripesCraft was hired to help create blueprints for the new base and after it was built he took charge as the commander of the armed forces for 7 years until he retired from his services in the Ugandan Military in late 2019 due to personal reasons. Now the Knuckles are lead by Uganda's finest soldier, Bruce U.

To this day the Uganda Army HQ is used by the Knuckles who serve in the Ugandan Armed Forces.

The Speech podium

Locations around the base

Just like the abandoned base there are many parts of this base which server their own purpose.

The Podium Stand

There is a podium stand outside the base with two stone Knuckles statues between it signifying the celebration of the Ugandan Military's successful invasions of Poland, Japan, and Brazil.

This stand is used by high ranking Knuckles to give speeches and prep talks to the soldiers to get them motivated to fight or talk about very important topics.

This stand was used by PrinceDUFF himself right before the great war or 2020.

The inside of the base

Vault to the second floor

The Interior / First floor

This is basically the open room that you first enter when you go down into the base. This is where a Mirror and Military posters can be found.

This is where most lower ranking soldiers can be found.

Second Floor

Understandably, this part of the base is restricted and only high ranking Knuckles with level B access are allowed to enter. This sadly means we were not able to go in and take pictures but thinking back on how large the abandoned base was, It's safe to assume that the second floor is just as complex.

Additional notes

  • The Uganda Army HQ as well as the Abandoned Army HQ are both public worlds in VRChat with different Knuckles Avatars that you can use.
  • The Abandoned Army HQ world has not been updated for a while so the map is kind of broken. Meaning it often spawns you on top the map when trying to go to the second floor unless you do some fancy movements as you touch the door that brings you there.
  • Everything in the base is Knuckle sized so going as a normal human avatar can feel cramped
  • The invasions on Brazil had no relations with the Brazilian Knuckles.
  • The Ugandan Knuckles Amendment can be found on the walls in the second floor of the Abandoned military base.
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