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The Ugandan Chungus "Uchungus" appears to be a fusion or hybrid between a Ugandan Knuckles and Big Chungus. They are red, have white bellies, long bunny ears, a red stripe going across their stomach, the two spikes on each fist that most Knuckles have and are indeed very chubby.

There is even a subspecies Of ugandan chungus the Wylde Ugandan Chungus that are Ugandan knuckles and big chungus with a Wild cat camo although rare they do exist.


The Ugandan Chungus first arrived into the world through a large red portal. This suggests that the Ugandan Chungus' are from another dimension.

There is currently no known information about this mysterious dimension these creatures emerged from.

The Ugandan Chungus are lead by an unknown leader. The leader is distinguishable by his bright, red, glowing eyes, and demonic voice.

As soon as the Ugandan Chungus' arrived into the world they immediately began their attack on the planet. The chaos and destruction was beyond earthly. It was very clear that these creatures were capable of creating the apocalypse, and they intended to do just that. Their motives are unknown. But they most certainly have the intention of ending all!

The true power of the Ugandan Chungus is not known, however, even inter-dimensional god-like beings such as Meme Man or Hugh Neutron have stated that even they are powerless against them and can do nothing to prevent the apocalypse that the Ugandan Chungus' are bringing.

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The Ugandan Chungus End Times Meme

The End Times

The Ugandan Chungus have only been known to say "Do you know da wey?" It is unknown whether or not they are able to speak any other words, let alone make any other noises besides that. It is not known if they are speaking some form of language or if the constant repeating of the words has no meaning at all.

This being said, it's not yet known if they have the same religious beliefs of the Ugandan Knuckles, but the possibility has not been ruled out. Although, based on their mindless rambling of the famous phrase, it is very likely that them repeatedly saying "Do you know da wey?" is just for the sake of making noise,They also say Uchungus as well.