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WARNING: This page contains spoilers for the YouTube video titled 'Sonic Meets Among Us' by MugiMikey. It is recommended you go watch that video first to avoid spoilers.

Ugandan Knuckles (Crewmate)

Ugandan Knuckles is a supporting character in the animated YouTube video Sonic Meets Among Us, by the YouTuber named MugiMikey.

He plays the role as one of the crewmates along with various other characters from the Sonic series aside from Mario.


Ugandan Knuckles looks like a Purple Among Us Crewmate with a flowerpot that contains a red flower on top his head. His face is visible through the helmet of the Space Suit.


Ugandan Knuckles has a reasonable and relaxed personality. Unlike his canon counterparts, He seems to never be overly excited and seems to use logical reasoning skills to try and solve problems.

He will often give reasons for not suspecting someone of being the imposter, or try to ask questions to try and understand how someone died and who killed them.

Role in the video

In the video, Ugandan Knuckles is one of the Crewmates along with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Mario, Dr. Eggman, Maria, and G.U.N Soldier.

His main role is to just discuss things with people at the discussion table. As these are the only time he is seen in the animation.

It is possible that he could have been used to try and lead the viewers to believe that he was the Imposter before the plot twist at the end where it reveals the true imposter was Sonic all along. However it is not confirmed if this is what MugiMikey had planned when making the video or not.

Ugandan Knuckles full body view


  • Ugandan Knuckles along with Mario are the only two characters that are not officially part of SEGA to appear in the animation.
  • Ugandan Knuckles makes various quotes to his older memes, such as using the phrase "Set the world on fire" and almost accidentally saying "Do you know de wae?"
  • Ugandan Knuckles along with all the other characters have Crewmate costumes that are based off of both the Outfits that correspond with their characters as well as customization options from the Among Us game.
  • Ugandan Knuckles was one of the last three remaining at the end.
  • Ugandan Knuckles was the second to last one to die, next to Knuckles.
  • Unlike his Canon Counterparts, Ugandan Knuckles doesn't have a loud, intense voice. His voice is more relaxed and soft.