These knuckles Are from spore and are made by Mr.Gibbs for youtube videos evan a war with spore spongbob and they won.

Age 1

on the 1st stage the Ugandan Knuckles did not look like there modern selfs at all in the beginning they were green however it wasn't long until they became red they were carnivores and despite having a ruff start they soon got the hang of it and after awhile they evolved and moved onto land


tho the Ugandan Knuckles were not the smartest they were smart enough to stay away from big creatures and they often ran away from battles they couldn’t win and other creatures that could eat them whole

age 2

on The 2nd stage they were very aggressive and hostile attacking and eating almost every creature on site they tried to make friends with one but they failed and killed there entire species they often raid other creatures homes for meat and parts they were known for spiting at there enemies and despite starting of as just one going they soon started going as a pack


they still weren’t very smart at this point and tried attacking almost every thing on site at times wiping out entire species they were also smart enough to run away from giant creatures however they wouldn’t run away from other creatures even if it was more powerful they had a strange fear for creatures that they called danger dogs despite having enough power to take them on it is unknown why this is there leader was also chosen by the alpha

age 3

On age 3 the Ugandan Knuckles learned how to use tools and armor they now had a chief they made allies with the purple village surprisingly however they still attacked most other tribes and hunted wild animals for meat at one point stealing a random animal and calling it there Queen they used spears and axes to attack other villages for the point of making enemies they were very hostile and always quick to attack no longer fearing most things except some giant thing with spikes on its shoulders they called the knuckles killer (despite not killing any knuckles) and at the end Evan befriending the green tribe


At this point the Ugandan Knuckles had become very intelligent Evan to the point of allying them selfs with the purple tribe and later the green tribe however they still had there aggressiveness is still intact and they still try to fight most things that they can and only create weapons for there violent actions such as raiding other tribes and hunting as many animals they can although sometimes overreacting about Creatures bigger than them

Age 4

In age 4 the Knuckles took there valance to the next level wanting nukes and tanks and they all split up some knuckles became tiered to de wae or just other Knuckles no matter what it was they started a all out war with all the factions fighting with each other with the “light” red winning and taking over all the land blue surrendered and there only challenge was green they got boats and ship trying to make uganda into one group after they used there combined power to build a space chip


now being smart enough To build ships and tanks and at the end a space ship the Knuckles are at there smartest form and are smart enough to make there own colonization with barely any other creatures they have took over planet uganda and are a lot less hostile not hunting the small amount of animals that are there but rather putting all of there time to colonizing uganda

Age 5

the last age on the 5th age the knuckles turned a bit more friendly Evan making friends with creatures they considered ugly however this might have came from the Knuckles hating the grox however they seem to have no care for species that are not as advanced wiping many out and at one occasion there prehistoric selfs found on another planet and although a accident they did not feel as bad as they would for there current Knuckles they hate the grox because of them attacking there allies planet they also hate the bananaz and hope for there extinction there goal is to bring a Knuckles the center of the universe and leave them there to start a empire to destroy the grox there starship is called THE COMMANDER


at this point they are very smart and dislike most things that aren’t smart they Seem to be nicer often letting other smart beings live and buying things from other people and starting a alliance however they are still very hostile when they first met there soon to be allies they threaten them they also call other creatures ugly and threaten them destroying a entire race because there name were the shadis

War with spongegar

the spongegars were mr. Gibbs second series after ending the knuckles series however during the tribal stage the Ugandan Knuckles attacked the spongegars and won making the spongegars extinct it is baleved the knuckles got there by the commander putting them there as revenge for mr. Gibbs ending there series destroying and beating the spongegars with there new pink allies


CREATION of UGANDAN KNUCKLES - Spore- Planet Uganda 1

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