Ugandan Knuckles Wiki

relationship with Knuckles Clan

it was believed that in the past the uglandan tribe and the Knuckles Clan were distantly related in the same way canids are related to echother much like the Candies they also don’t get along with each other often fighting for food when they meet or just not liking echother although it’s not often they meet because the cronos live in taiga biome and Knuckles usually stay out of taigas Which are cold forests

Relationship with Pokémon

In the past the Uglanda tribe saw Pokémon as useful creatures tho they used them more as helpers than friends they feed them sometimes as thanks however they did not care about Pokémon like they do now except eevees witch they treated as a higher power and as gifts they were always believers in arceus however not caring much about Pokémon as they did not see how helpful they are yet


there are multiple leaders of the Uglanda tribe the main one being the Grand Leader being the leader of the cronos as a hole whoever was in that position had full control over what’s alowed and not alowed and can tell most of the cronos what to do with different resaults each time they most often listened to what he wanted but they didn’t always have to the tribe commanders are the commanders of the tribes one for each tribe they would train the tribe and lead them into battle and most often make up the game plan